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CMS Issues Report on Health Spending by State

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Office of the Actuary has released a report on state health expenditures for 1991-2009. The findings reflect that in 2009, the 10 states with the highest per-capita spending spent 13 percent to 36 percent more than the national average, and the 10 states with the lowest per-capital spending spent  8 percent to 26 percent less than the national average. States with higher spending levels shared a number of economic and demographic characteristics, including higher personal income per capita, higher-than-average population of females, 20 to 44 years old, and a higher than average share of the population who are elderly. California is among the 10 states that had the lowest levels of spending per capita. CMS observed that the lowest spending states reported lower per-capita incomes and higher rates of uninsured residents. The CMS report is attached. Contact: Anne McLeod, (916) 552-7536,