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CHA Board Approves Statewide Transform for Tomorrow Task Force

On Feb 9, the CHA Board authorized creating a multidisciplinary statewide taskforce charged with developing policies, services, programs and information that will help hospitals transform for the future and guide CHA’s health care reform policy development. “We are at a critical point in time, and an intensive effort by a broad, high-level taskforce creates the best forum to assist hospitals with new and innovative ideas as they transform to meet future challenges,” said CHA Board Chair Steve Packer, MD, who has appointed the taskforce members. With the assistance of an outside consulting firm, CHA and the Regional Associations will work with the taskforce to produce guiding policies and options to help hospitals create coordinated, accountable care models and other delivery arrangements in collaboration with other key providers. The Transform for Tomorrow Task Force may also develop recommendations for health care reform policies for which CHA could advocate on behalf of hospitals. Contact: C. Duane Dauner, (916) 552-7547,; Anne McLeod, (916) 552-7536,