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CHA Attends Historic First Exchange Meeting
CHHS Secretary Diana Dooley elected as interim board chair

The California Health Benefit Exchange Board took several important actions at its first meeting April 20, including electing California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Diana Dooley as interim board chair. The exchange also appointed a subcommittee to make recommendations to the full board regarding recruitment of an executive officer, chief counsel and other key exchange positions. The 2011 meeting dates were approved, as well as an initial plan to begin making policy decisions related to filing an establishment grant application with the federal government.

CHA continues to meet with members of the exchange board to discuss policy issues, priorities and potential positions the exchange could adopt to improve health coverage in a pluralistic insurance market. California was the first state to enact legislation creating a health benefit exchange under federal health care reform. Beginning in 2014, individuals and small employers meeting federal citizenship requirements may enroll in the exchange.

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