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CBO Report Estimates Effect of ACA on Employer-Based Coverage

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has issued a new report that estimates the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the number of people receiving employment-based health insurance. The report indicates that, due to ACA, approximately 3 million to 5 million fewer people will obtain coverage through their employer each year from 2019 through 2022. The report also cautions readers that despite the care and effort devoted to modeling provisions of ACA and the health insurance system, there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty about how employers and employees will respond to the combination of opportunities and incentives in the health reform law. The report also includes four alternative scenarios that result in a wide range of outcomes in the number of people who will obtain health insurance coverage through their employer in 2019. One scenario results in a reduction of 20 million people while another results in a gain of 3 million people. The CBO report is attached. Contact: Anne McLeod, (916) 552-7536,