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Thank you for registering. Below are important instructions and materials you will need to participate in the webinar.

Helping Individuals Obtain Health Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act: Outreach and Enrollment Strategies for California Hospitals

Date: July 30, 2013
Time: 10:00 a.m. – Noon, Pacific Time

Test Instructions

IMPORTANT: Test your computer today

  • Click here to go to the Adobe Connect Enterprise Server Connection test page.
  • Follow instructions to ensure that your computer and network connections are properly configured.

If your internal security settings block access to Adobe Connect, contact your IT department to grant you access. The webinar runs on Adobe Connect and you won’t be able to view the program without access.

Web Access & Dial-in Info

Join the webinar

Step 1 – On July 30, go to webinar website

Step 2 – Log-in (Do not enter as a guest.)
Log-in Name: The e-mail address provided when registering
Password: 71113

Step 3 – Dial-in to hear audio
Dial: (800) 403-7802

Note: Program registration allows for one computer connection. The system will disconnect any second computer that enters your user ID. Please do not share your access information.


Print presentation slides for note-taking purposes:

PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Helping Individuals Obtain Insurance Under the Affordable Care Act Guidebook
Please note, a copy of the guidebook will be mailed to each webinar registrant.


Having problems joining the webinar?

  1. Did you test your computer and pass the connectivity test?
    If not, see the Test Instructions tab.
  2. For the Log-in Name, make sure to use the same e-mail address that was used when registering. If you don’t know what e-mail address was used, call CHA at
    (916) 552-7637.
  3. Make sure you type in the password correctly. The password for this program is 71113.
  4. Make sure no one else is using your Log-in Name. The system will disconnect any additional computers that use the same Log-in Name. 
  5. Contact your IT department for help with computer problems. Technical support is not available through Adobe Connect.

Note: If you cannot meet the system requirements to access the presentation online, you can follow along with the audio portion of the seminar using the presentation slides PDF available on the Materials tab. For additional assistance and other inquiries, call CHA’s Education Department at (916) 552-7637.