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Rural Health Care Symposium Presentation Downloads

Welcome to CHA ’s 2010 Rural Health Care Symposium presentation download page. To promote “green” efforts and minimize waste, we will not be providing preprinted handouts at the event this year. Instead, we are providing presentations received to date for you to download in advance and bring with you to the symposium. Also, please know that all the presentations will be available on a symposium CD that you will receive when you check-in.

You can find the dowloadable attachments at the bottom of this page. The list of the presentations and availability is below:

Thursday, March 4

  • The Federal Landscape for Rural and Critical Access Hospitals, John Supplitt
  • OSHPD Plan Review and Seismic Mandate Relief Updates, Paul Coleman
  • Moving Capital Projects Forward—Panel Presentation, Anne Platt, Virna Cothrin, Lalo Trujillo and Catherine Lew
    • Handout—Bond Preparation Checklist
    • Handout—Bond Question & Answers
    • Handout—Planning Checklist Handout
    • Handout—Sample Program Space List
  • Where Does Quality Begin—Relational Answers to Operational Problems, Brian Wong
  • The Business Case for Patient-Centered Palliative Care, Helen McNeal

Friday, March 5

  • Breakfast Session: Rural Health Clinic Update, Gail Nickerson and Linda Findley
  • Breakfast Session: The Financial Health of California’s Critical Access Hospitals, David O’Neill, Shelly Oberlin and Scott Walters
    • Handout—The Financial Health of California’s Critical Access Hospitals Packet
  • Moving Rural Providers toward “Meaningful Use” of Health Information, Pamela Lane
  • Moving Rural Providers toward “Meaningful Use” of Health Information, Mark Freitas and Margaret Leonard
    • Handout—EHR Cost Benefit
  • Critical Access Hospital Post-Conference Session: Financing New Hospital Projects with FHA Section 242 Mortgage Insurance, Alan P. Richman