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Medicare Conditions of Participation Seminar
Resource materials for seminar attendees

All seminar attendees received a printout of the presentation along with other supplemental materials. We are also making available for download an electronic copy of the PowerPoint presentation, the CMS Interpretive Guidelines, and other related presentations which you may use for reference or to train your staff. Please know that the presentations may not be used by others outside of your hospital or organization, or in a for-profit manner. 

If you have any questions, please call Liz Mekjavich (916) 552-7500 or email  

CHA’s Medicare Conditions of Participation Seminar, Part 1

CHA’s Medicare Conditions of Participaton Seminar, Part 2

CMS Interpretive Guidelines

CMS Infection Control 2010, Part 1

CMS Infection Control 2010, Part 2

CMS May Transmittal 2010