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Kathleen Harriman, Preparing for an H1N1 Outbreak—The State’s Perspective

  • CDC Interim Guidance for Infection Control H1N1
  • H1N1 Updated Rec for Health Care Settings
  • Influenza Transmission 2009
  • IOM Respiratory Protection for Healthcare Worker H1N1 Influenza A
  • Nicas Jones Risk Analysis 2009
  • TellierR 2006

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Hospital Emergency Codes in California—Implimentation Tookit Handouts

  • Emergency Codes—Training Presentation
  • Emergency Codes—Badge Buddy
  • Emergency Codes—Competency
  • Emergency Codes—Implementation Plan
  • Emergency Codes—Model Letter
  • Emergency Codes—Newsletter1
  • Emergency Codes—Newsletter2
  • Emergency Codes—Policy
  • Emergency Codes—Poster1
  • Emergency Codes—Poster2
  • Emergency Codes—Post-Test
  • Emergency Codes—SignIn
  • Emergency Codes—Training Outline
  • Keys to a Successful Implementation

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