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Disaster Planning Presentation Downloads

Welcome to the 2011 CHA Disaster Planning Conference presentation download page. Click on the tabs below to print the presentations and handouts for each day.

Note: The Active Shooter post-conference presentations and handouts will be provided at the workshop.

Monday, Sept. 19

Click on the links below to download the presentations and handouts.

General Sessions

Catastrophe Strikes Japan: What Can We Learn?
Kozue Shimabukuro, MD

The Joplin Story
Robert W. Dodson, MD, FACS, FASCRS

Leveraging Social Media
Sara Estes Cohen, MPP, ABCP

Luncheon Speaker

Update on the Emergency Medical Services Authority’s Activities
Howard Backer, MD, MPH

Breakout Sessions

Minnesota’s Evacuation Template and Tools
Don Sheldrew, MSW, LICSW, EMT-P

Pediatric Surge Planning: The Kaiser Permanente Experience
Susan Fitzgerald, MD, FAEM, and Kristina Spurgeon, MPH

Essentials of an Emergency Management Program
Loni Howard, RN, MSN 

Surge OC: Integrating Health Care Response into Community Preparedness
Dorothy Hendrickson, Steve Serrao, MBBS, MPH, and Mary Massey, BSN, PHN

Partnering with Community Health Centers & Clinics
Patrick Klein, MS, CHEP, Denise Highfill, LVN and Theresa Channell, MIRN, MICN, CEN

Loss of Water and Power, Care Must Go On
Dale White, CSO, and Sharon Carlson

Evacuating the NICU
Jeremy Hadland, RN, Lorraine Shields, MN, RNC-NIC, NNP, 
Margo Reeves, RNC, Karen Greeley

FIRE! The Evacuation of Garfield Medical Center
Phil Gour, Michelle Silverberg, RN, BSN, and Alicia Telles, ICP, CIC

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Tuesday, Sept. 20

Click on the links below to download the presentations and handouts.

General Sessions

The Johns Hopkins Shooting
Howard Gwon and Gary M. Stephenson

Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Update 
Susan Fanelli

Breakout Sessions

Preparing for the Big One — Lessons from the Loma Prieta Earthquake
Lisa Angell, RN, BSN

Assessing Pediatric Preparedness — Evaluation of a Multi-Hospital Disaster Drill
Bridget Berg, MPH, Rita Burke, PhD, MPH, and Jeffrey Upperman, MD, FACS, FAAP

TRAIN: Triaging Resource Allocation for Inpatient Movement
Ronald Cohen, MD, Brandon Bond, MS, EMT, CBCP and Anna Lin, MD

Protecting Health Care Delivery by Expanding the Continuity Function
Dale Thompson

Essentials of an Emergency Management Program 
Loni Howard, RN, MSN (repeated from earlier)

HICS and Employee Recovery — A Solution for Hospitals  
JJ Burke, MS, EMT-I

Hospital Disaster Management Training (HDMT)
Jacqueline Rifenburg, RN, MICN

Pediatric Surge Planning for Hospitals and Clinics
Sue Cox, RN, MS, CPEN, PHN, and Chris Abe, RN, BSN, CIC, HEM

Follow us on twitter. The conference hashtag is #dp11.