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CHA’s 2020 Legislative Wrap Up Webinar
High-level overview of the year's key legislative actions

Originally recorded November 16, 2020



Opening Comments and Reflections on the Year
COVID-19 upended not only the way hospitals operated in 2020, but also the direction of California’s Legislature and the outcomes it produced during a tumultuous year.

Labor and Employment
The Legislature passed several types of protection for health care workers that will require action by employers.

  • Personal Protective Equipment Stockpiles (AB 2537, SB 275)
  • COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Presumption (SB 1159)
  • COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave (AB 1867)
  • California Family Rights Act Expansion (SB 1383)

Advance Practice in Nursing
Two landmark laws were passed by the Legislature that will expand providers’ ability to care for patients, many in underserved areas.​ 

  • Nurse Practitioners: Full Practice Authority (SB 890)
  • Nurse Midwives: Scope of Practice (SB 1237)

Behavioral Health
Patients needing a psychiatric assessment for an involuntary hold (5150) will now have a faster path to evaluation, and ultimately, much-needed treatment.

  • Telehealth for Involuntary Commitment (AB 3242, CHA Co-Sponsor)

Hospital Notices Regarding Services or Closure
Effective Jan. 1, 2021, hospitals planning to reduce supplemental services, or close an ED or the hospital must provide public notice. 

  • Health Facilities and Notices (AB 2037)

All Payer Claims Database (APCD)
With direction from an advisory committee, ground rules have been established for health plans to submit their payment for claims data to the APCD. 

  • Health Care Payment Database (AB 80)

2021 What Lies Ahead


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From the California Hospital Association:

BJ Bartleson, RN, MS, NEA-BC
Vice President, Nursing & Clinical Services

BJ Bartleson provides leadership in developing, communicating and implementing CHA policy related to nursing, emergency services, trauma and medication safety. She is recognized statewide and nationally as a nurse leader with more than 30 years of experience as an administrator, educator, researcher, clinician, manager and expert in multiple areas of acute patient care management and nursing practice.

Gail Blanchard-Saiger
Vice President, Labor and Employment

Gail Blanchard-Saiger is vice president of labor and employment for the association. Ms. Blanchard-Saiger provides leadership for state legislative and regulatory issues related to hospital human resources and labor relations.

Jackie Garman
Vice President, Legal Counsel

Jackie Garman oversees and coordinates the association’s legal representation on litigation critical to the hospital industry and assists with evaluating the legal impact of legislation and regulations on hospitals. She also assists in developing legislative and regulatory language, coordinates external counsel on litigation involving CHA and interacts with member hospitals on a variety of issues.

Amber Ott
Group Vice President, Data and Analytics
. Amber Ott provides analytical expertise to support policy and advocacy objectives benefiting California hospitals and health systems. She represents CHA with state agencies and other stakeholders where technical knowledge is needed.

Kathryn Austin Scott
Senior Vice President, State Relations and Advocacy

Kathryn Austin Scott has over 20 years of experience in public policy and serves as the association’s head lobbyist in Sacramento where she directs the California lobbying team.