2015 Disaster Planning Presentation Downloads

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Pre-Conference, September 28

Note: some files are large and may take a few minutes to open.

Pre-Conference Presentations

Preparing and Caring for Patients with Ebola Virus Disease
Daniel Johnson

Emerging Infectious Diseases
Robert Schooley

Ebola Virus Disease: Preparedness, Response and Lessons Learned At the State and Local Level
James Watt

A Path to Staff Preparedness for Ebola and Emerging Infectious Diseases
Karrin Dunbar

Ebola Response in Sacramento County: Challenges, Successes and Readiness for the Next Threat
Olivia Kasirye, Ben Merin, Susan Eisberg, John Belko, Jennifer Brown and Cheryl Starling (moderator)

Tuesday, September 29

Note: some files are large and may take a few minutes to open.

Opening Keynotes

Shifting Focus: A Look at California’s Earthquake Risk
David P. Schwartz

Crisis Standards of Care
Umair A. Shah

General Session

Extreme Weather: The Drought and What’s Next
Kelly Redmond

Breakout Sessions

A Palliative Care Approach to Triage
Terry Stone and Lisa Frost

Business Continuity and Ensuring Quality Patient Care
Robert C. Vance, III

Developing An Interdisciplinary Team for Emerging Infectious Diseases
Kristine Taylor, Gabe Gammon and Martha Berrier

Shots Fired — How to Maximize Video in Active Shooter Drills
Chau Vu, Threse Barnes and Elizabeth Clifton

Evacuation and Relocation of a Locked Psychiatric Unit
Mary Kay Shibley

Creating a Value Stream-Based Business Impact Analysis
Karl Matzke

The SR 530 Mudslide Near Oso, Washington: Response and Recovery
Therese Quinn and Rebecca Gervasi

Using Past Incidents to Drive Future Planning: Introducing a New Incident Tracking Tool
Philip Lo and Kristina Spurgeon

Reducing the Surge of Non-Emergent Dialysis Patients After Disasters
Alexis Garcia and Vince Hancock

The Road to Recovery: Demobilization and Recovery Planning
Mary Massey

Averting a Second Disaster: Leading Financial Oversight Practices Following Disasters
Bob Lastrico and Jill E. Powell

Update on The Joint Commission Emergency Management Standards
John D. Maurer

Wednesday, September 30

Note: some files are large and may take a few minutes to open.

General Sessions

Building Back Better After Superstorm Sandy
Marg Verbeek and Kimberly Glassman

The Taiwan Water Park Inferno
Christina Catlett

Luncheon Session

Update on EMSA Initiatives
Howard Backer

Breakout Sessions

From Anxiety to Action — A Glimpse Into Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s Ebola Super Trainer Program
Suzy Fitzgerald, Adam Landsdorf and Lisa Roberts

Building a Regulatory-Compliant Emergency Nutrition Plan
Jo Ann Leigh Miller, Marlia Braun, Chamayo Yniguez and Glynis Foulk

Operation Move: A Blueprint for the Safe Transport of Patients and Evacuation Planning
Michelle Cathcart, Chau Vu and Scott Soifer

Workplace Violence Prevention: Cal/OSHA’s Impending Regulations
Caryn Thornburg, Connie Lackey and Gail Blanchard-Saiger

Anatomy of a Large Hospital Closure: Assessing Threats and Managing Impact
Patricia Frost, John Morehouse, Fred Claridge and Michelle Voos

Bug Out Isolation: Preparing for Emerging Pathogens
Christine Poblete, Margaret Neff and Kevin Storm

The EHR is Down … What’s Next!
Petra Fritz and Colleen Norton

Essentials of an Emergency Management Program
Loni Howard