2014 Disaster Planning Presentation Downloads

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Pre-Conference, September 22

Note: some files are large and may take a few minutes to open.

Pre-Conference Presentations

The Unthinkable Happened — How Practice and Training Saved Lives
Michael J. Munda

Full Scale Exercise on Violent Threats — Lessons Learned
Patty Skoglund and Eric Lovell

In the Aftermath of Trauma: The Psychological Impact
Susan B. Woolley

Session Take-Aways, Reactions and Insights
Lisa Angell and Caryn Thornburg

Tuesday, September 23

Note: some files are large and may take a few minutes to open.

General Sessions

Without Water: Managing Through a Crisis
Lillian D. Morris

Insight from Cal OES
Christina Curry

Ebola — Hospital Response, Precautions and Communications
David Witt, Skip Skivington and Kristina Spurgeon (Moderator)

Breakout Sessions

Hospital Response to the Napa Earthquake and the Role of OSHPD
Lois Husted, Richard Miralles and Chris Tokas

Lights Out — Immersive NICU Disaster Simulation During a Power

Karen Greeley, Adam Czynski, Theresa Doran and Teri D. Reynolds

From System Office to Local Provider: Business Continuity Across a
National Health System

Angela Devlen

Updating Your Emergency Operations Plan: Bringing the Revised HICS
into Your Facility

Mary Massey and Loni Howard

How to Train OB Units for Disaster
Kay Daniels, Naola Austin and Gill Hilton

Beyond the Mandate — Hospital Business Continuity Post-Earthquake
Glen Granholm

Enhancing Hospital HazMat Training
Kristina Freas and William Wennhold

Partnering with the Medical Reserve Corps to Enhance Surge Capacity
Steve Chambers and Jeff Surowiec

Meeting the Psychological Needs of Children in Emergencies: The National Children’s Disaster Mental Health CONOPS
Merritt Schreiber, Jessa Baker and Roshan Burns

The Road to Resiliency — Business Continuity for Inpatient Units
Petra Fritz

Fifteen Minutes to 50 Patients — Rapid Response to Mass Casualty Incidents
Christopher Riccardi and Brad Baldridge

What You Need to Know About Emergency Declarations
Peter A. Baldridge

Wednesday, September 24

Note: some files are large and may take a few minutes to open.

General Sessions

Nashville Under Water
Pamela K. Hoffner and Rachel Majors

Mass Casualty in a Rural Town: The FedEx Bus Accident
Traci Torres, Amy Travis and Stacy Vincent

Luncheon Session

Update on CMS Proposed Rule to the Medicare Conditions of Participation for Emergency Preparedness
Lisa Parker

Breakout Sessions

Getting to Yes! Leveraging Sustainable Pediatric/Neonatal Capability Under All Conditions
Cynthia Frankel, Patricia Frost, Suzy Fitzgerald, Karen Greeley and Ana-Marie Jones

Continuity of Care for Dialysis and Home Health Patients
Mitch Saruwatari, Elena Ceja and Philip Lo

Are You Ready to Utilize Disaster Healthcare Volunteers?
Sandra Stark Shields, Christopher Riccardi and Terry Stone

Preparedness Gets Personal: Family Readiness and Survival 
Steven Chin

Getting Out! Perinatal and County-Wide Evacuation Strategies
Sharon Carlson, Kathy Koblick, Miles Julihn, Bridget Pearce and Michael DeCapua

Continuity Planning for Stand-Alone and Rural Hospitals
Terry Stone, Annika Nowlin, Jill French, Angela Devlen and Richard Prestidge

Large Sporting Events Present Opportunities to Drill
Kathy Dollarhide, Aaron Rubin and Brenda Brennan

From Chaos to Coordination: The EMS Patient Movement Strategy for the Asiana Plane Crash 
Kevin Rose