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Pre-Conference, September 18

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Pre-Conference Presentations

CMS CoPs: New Emergency Preparedness Requirements
Cece Blondiaux, David Lum and Karen Fuller

The Joint Commission
John Maurer

Hospital Preparedness Program
Donna Sasenick

Implementing the New Regulations — Successes and Challenges
Sharon Carlson, Kristina Spurgeon, David Whittington, Adam Wojciehowski and Mary Massey (moderator)

Tuesday, September 19

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Opening Keynote

Leadership Insight on Disaster Preparedness
Michael Anderson

General Session

From Horror to Heroism: The Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Shooting
Sridhar S. Chilimuri

Breakout Sessions

HVA 2.0: Using Past Incidents to Drive Future Planning and Meet New Requirements
Philip Lo and Mitch Saruwatari

Rural Challenges in Disaster Management
Valerie Lakey

Health Care Coalitions: The Benefits of Working Together
Sharon Carlson and Kelly M. Cheffet

Making the Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Work for You
Mary Massey

Pediatric Emergency Transport in Disasters
Patricia Frost, Susan Aitkens and Kelly Coleman

Leveraging Internal Partnerships and Resources for Cybersecurity
Kristina Freas and Stephanie Cervantes

Using Technology to Improve Exercises — Infusing the Old with the New
Jordan Cathey and Jennifer Pilecki

Emergency Department Decompression During Mass Casualty Incidents
Stacey Gustafson and Joleen Lonigan

Optimizing EHR for Emergency Management and Response
Adam Landsdorf, Kristina Spurgeon and Eric Dilda

Improving Emergency Communications Through the Use of Plain Language
Caryn Thornburg, Mark Shirley, Kathryn Harris and Sharon Carlson

New HPP Coalition Surge Test — Lessons Learned from One County’s Exercise
Kevin Rose, Jerry Glotzer and Kevin Sheehan

Wednesday, September 20

Note: some files are large and may take a few minutes to open.

General Session

2017 Oroville Dam Crisis: A Tale of a High-Stakes Evacuation and Response
Steve Stark, Matt Washburn, Kevin Brown, Stacey Vincent and Kory Honea

Breakout Sessions

After Action Reporting and Improvement Plans Made Simple
Mary Massey

Integrating the Needs of Individuals with Disabilities, and Access and Functional Needs into Hospital Emergency Planning
Steve Storbakken, Kevin Muszynski and L. Vance Taylor

Securing the Paper Trail — Disaster Recovery Funding Essentials
Margaret Larson and Jill Powell

Tests and Triumphs of a Mandatory Evacuation
Dale White

Luncheon Session

California Department of Public Health Update
Susan Fanelli

Preparing Together: Health Care Coalitions and the New CMS Emergency Preparedness Requirements
Marina Zamarron, Richard Filippuzzi, Steve Weirauch and Cassandra Ramirez

The ABCs of an Emergency Management Program
Loni Howard

Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness to Meet New CMS Requirements
Elena Ceja and Kristina Spurgeon

The Water Will Rise Again!
Jim Tritten, Chris La Due and Henry Biggs

Closing Session

The Power of Partnerships: Managing Emerging Infectious Diseases
Peter Brewster, Carter Mecher and Sharon Vanairsdale

Poster Session Materials

Note: some files are large and may take a few minutes to open.

Emergency Preparedness Project (Initiation Phase) 
Jon S. Fishman, Ph.D., GWCPM, LCHBB 
Healthcare Project Manager
San Francisco VA Health Care System

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