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COVID-19: Mid-Response and After Action Reporting Webinar

Originally recorded June 23, 2020.



Writing an After Action Report (AAR) and Improvement Plan for a real event can be challenging enough. Having to write one during an ever-changing event that doesn’t have an end in sight can seem impossible. This webinar will discuss how a midterm AAR can bring together lessons learned to meet regulatory, accreditation, and grant requirements. You will also be able to identify areas to change for a better response, and areas to share with other partners that can also help the community reaction.

With these rapidly-changing real events, now is the time for hospitals to gather information in a mid-response evaluation, consider what has gone right and identify areas of improvement for COVID-19 patients. How should you approach, organize and submit a mid-response report to a real event? Are there things you can do now to help with the after action reporting?

Join CHA’s Vice President of Emergency Management, Mary Massey, as she explains the mid-response after action reporting during a real event specific to COVID-19. She will demonstrate how tools can be used to provide COVID-19 response feedback. California hospitals will be able to analyze what went right, what needs improvement, and solutions to how to improve health care’s own facility and community response to this virus.

    Who should participate
    Chief Nursing Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Disaster Preparedness Coordinators, Emergency Department Staff, Risk Managers, Safety Directors, Infection Control, Clinical Staff.


    • Holding a Mid-Term Incident Debrief: What happened, when did it happen, how did it happen?
    • Identify Issues and Provide an Analysis: What was observed? What was expected? Was anything unexpected? Who was involved in the incident? What was the root cause? What are the strengths? What are the areas of opportunity?  
    • Make Recommendations: In the recommendations section of your report, detail ways to improve performance for future incidences.  
    • Improvement Plan: In the improvement plan, you will detail corrective actions to be taken for future incidences. Be sure to include any additional training requirements, equipment needs, or any additional planning that needs to be completed.  


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    Mary Massey
    Vice President, Emergency Management
    California Hospital Association

    Mary Massey has over 25 years in hospital emergency services and county health disaster management.  She participates in multi-agency, state and federal coalitions and deploys with the CA-1 Disaster Medical Assistance (DMAT) Team.
    A Department of Justice (DOJ) Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Instructor, and Master Exercise Practitioner, she graduated from Naval Postgraduate School with a Master’s in Homeland Security and Defense and currently is the Vice President, Emergency Management at the California Hospital Association.