Covered California 101 for Hospital Staff
Fact sheets on the new health insurance marketplace and Medi-Cal expansion


Increasing health coverage for the uninsured is one of the goals of the Affordable Care Act — a goal that is shared by California hospitals and the Covered California marketplace. With an estimated 7.1 million uninsured California residents under age 65, this presents both a challenge and an opportunity. 

To support hospitals in this effort, CHA has published informational fact sheets about the Covered California marketplace and relevant provisions of the Affordable Care Act. These fact sheets can be used individually or as a package to help hospitals educate staff, board members, volunteers and others.

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  • Introduction
  • Coverage Highlights of the Affordable Care Act
  • Covered California Marketplace and the Role of Hospitals
  • Coverage Basics, including Premium Assistance and cost sharing reductions
  • Understanding Metal Tiers of Coverage — Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • Premium Rates
  • Understanding Medi-Cal Expansion
  • Glossary of Terms