Clarify Health Solutions
Adam Alverson, Senior Account Executive


Company Background

Clarify Health Solutions enables care providers and payers to deliver more satisfying and 15-30% cheaper care through an advanced analytics and real-time care traffic control platform. We improve quality and patient experience by redesigning care models, optimizing workflows, and driving clinical behavioral change.

Clarify Health has:
1. The ability to provide actionable insights at physician and patient level through access to a comprehensive repository of claims, demographic, determinant of health and clinical data
2. A ‘Bloomberg-like’ cloud platform developed by a big-data engineering team that previously built the platform that each night takes one-third of the world’s daily trading volume ($12 trillion in assets) and marks the books back to market for 5000 financial institutions
3. A team with deep clinical operations effectiveness expertise gained through serving over 100 health systems during careers at McKinsey and Kaiser Permanente

Solution Background:

Clarify Health provides our customers with a digital solution to optimize clinical workflows and patient journeys by:
1. Identifying variation in practice patterns, costs and outcomes
2. Stratifying individual patients to understand specific risk profiles, as well as expected costs and journey of care
3. Conducting real-time monitoring of patients as they progress through their care journey, continually updating their risk stratification
4. “Nudging” care teams and patients to ensure that patients stay on track throughout the care journey

Team Background 

Clarify brings together a highly experienced senior team with expertise in healthcare analytics (McKinsey), clinical operations improvement (Kaiser Permanente), and big data enterprise software development (Advent Software). Over our respective careers, we have generated over $1bn in margin improvement at over 100 hospitals. Our engineering team has prior exits at $2.7 billion and $300 million, having most recently built the platform that each day handles a third of the world’s trade volume ($12 trillion in assets) and marks the books back to market for 5,000 financial institutions globally.

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