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Web Seminar Will Explain How to Use National Practitioner Data Bank
A new HR tool for screening health care professionals

CHA is holding a 90-minute web seminar to help hospital human resources (HR) professionals understand how to use the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) as part of a hospital’s background check process. The web seminar will be held Oct. 7 from 10:30 a.m. to noon (PT).

NPDB is a federal program established in 1986 to provide hospitals and other health care entities with information regarding adverse licensure actions taken against physicians and dentists. While hospital medical staff coordinators have been using NPDB for years, this is a new tool for HR. As of March 2010, NPDB maintains adverse licensure action on any health care professional licensed by a state, including nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists and others.

Participants will learn why NPDB can be a useful tool for HR, how to establish an account and access the information, and what information is available. Participants also will understand the differences between voluntary and mandatory querying and reporting.

Faculty for the web seminar will include Dorise Blatt, health policy analyst, Division of Practitioner Data Banks, Bureau of Health Professions at the Health Resources and Services Administration, and Gail Blanchard-Saiger, CHA vice president, labor and employment.

Web seminar tuition is $185 per connection for members and $250 per connection for nonmembers. Multiple staff may listen for one connection fee. For more information or to register, go to