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UCSF Conducts Annual CNO Survey
Results help hospitals make informed workforce decisions

The 2013 Annual Survey of Chief Nursing Officers has been sent to hospital CNOs throughout California. The survey, conducted collaboratively by UCSF, the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) — on behalf of all the hospital associations in California — and FutureSense, Inc., is in its fourth year. The data will be combined with data from the HASC Quarterly Vacancy & Turnover Survey to build a clear picture of the current status of California’s nursing labor market and help hospitals and policymakers better plan for future workforce needs.

Hospital participation in this survey is vital for obtaining accurate data and ensuring useful results. The survey results help hospitals make stronger, more strategic workforce decisions, as well as advocate for health care education spending, project long-term supply and demand trends across the state, and support local policymakers in their workforce development planning. In addition, participating hospitals will have access to new workforce projection tools and other products in development. The survey can be completed online or by mail, using the attached form. For more detailed information, see the attached CNO letter.