CHA News Article

Trump Issues Executive Order to Reduce Regulatory Burden

President Trump yesterday signed the attached executive order intended to reduce regulatory burden by requiring federal agencies to identify two regulations to be eliminated for each new regulation issued. It also requires that the cost of planned regulations be managed and controlled through the budgeting process. For federal fiscal year (FFY) 2017, the executive order requires the incremental cost of new regulations to be offset by the removal of existing regulations so that the total incremental cost of new regulations is no greater than zero.

Beginning in FFY 2018, as part of the Presidential budget process, the Office and Management and Budget (OMB) is instructed to identify a total amount of incremental cost that will be allowed for each agency in issuing new regulations and repealing existing regulations for the next fiscal year. However, the executive order raises a number of questions about implementation and requires significant further guidance from OMB. CHA will notify members of additional guidance through CHA News and is tracking all executive actions on its Federal Regulatory Tracker.

In response to the executive order, the American Hospital Association issued a statement in support of reducing regulatory burden and highlighted the letter it sent in December urging the modification or elimination of specific regulations. CHA is also committed to reducing regulatory burden for hospitals and looks forward to working with the administration on that goal.