CHA News Article

Survey Reports Views, Experiences of Non-Group Health Insurance Enrollees

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) has released survey results on the views and experiences of individuals purchasing health insurance coverage in the non-group market. The survey, conducted earlier this year after the close of the second open enrollment period, was conducted with individuals who purchased Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant coverage inside or outside of a marketplace, as well as those who are currently enrolled in “non-ACA compliant” plans. The second in a series that seeks to shed light on the experiences and opinions of those purchasing their own health insurance,  the survey includes stand-alone findings and draws trends and comparisons using data from the first survey in the series, conducted at the end of the first open enrollment period in spring of 2014. Overall, the survey found that, in the non-group market, about 59 percent report being in marketplace plans, an increase from 48 percent last year.

In addition, most people in the non-group market do not have access to employer coverage, with 29 percent not employed, 28 percent self-employed and 16 percent employed part-time and not likely to be offered coverage by their employer.

Other key findings in the survey examine basic demographics of the non-group market; shopping, renewing and switching coverage; plan ratings and satisfaction; financial protections; opinions and experiences of those in high-deductible plans; and the non-group enrollees’ views of the ACA. To view the full report findings, visit the KFF website.