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Support Requested for HealthImpact
Formerly the California Institute for Nursing and Health Care

Many CHA members have financially supported the California Institute for Nursing and Health Care (CINHC) in the past,  a sound investment demonstrated by the organization’s progress. CINHC recently changed its name to HealthImpact, reflecting a focus on optimizing health through nursing, and it remains committed to improving the health of Californians by promoting a dynamic, well prepared nursing workforce. As a 501(c)(3) organization, HealthImpact does not receive public funds; rather, its infrastructure funding depends on contributions from financial partners — primarily hospitals and health systems. Soon, CHA members will receive a letter from HealthImpact. Please join CHA in providing financial support to HealthImpact as a community benefit contribution.

As California’s nationally recognized nursing workforce center, HealthImpact has partnered with hospitals and health systems to ensure nursing’s ability to meet the growing and changing health care needs of the communities served.  It has developed practical solutions to improving the health of the communities served by our members. While its early work focused on maintaining adequate numbers of registered nurses, now that the number of new RNs entering the workforce is in balance with demand, HealthImpact’s focus has shifted to ensuring that today’s RNs have the knowledge, experience and skills to contribute as members of the interprofessional team in a transforming health care system.

HealthImpact’s current work includes:

  • Updating the California Nursing Education Plan to ensure RNs have the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for future health care needs.
  • Ensuring a more educated nursing workforce through sponsorship of the California Collaborative Model of Nursing Education – a streamlined RN education process that uses the capacity in both community colleges and baccalaureate-granting colleges to produce a more educated nursing workforce, which ties directly to improved patient outcomes.
  • Building and implementing transition programs for new graduate RNs (and experienced  RNs) to move into new practice positions in both inpatient and outpatient settings. These programs are critically important as hospitals and health systems develop strategies to address hard-to -ill positions. For more information, contact
  • Actively looking at how HealthImpact can support the development of team-based care in hospitals and health systems, in order to assist CHA members as they move interprofessional practice initiatives forward.

Working with coalitions of government, education, provider and nurse partners, HealthImpact leadership has created long-term sustaining solutions to building the nursing workforce needed in these demanding times. CHA supports HealthImpact in its leadership role on workforce initiatives directly affecting hospitals.