CHA News Article

Special Ebola Waste Hauling Permits Issued

The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced that special Ebola waste permits have been issued to Veolia ES Technical Solutions LLC, Stericycle Inc., Triumvirate Environmental Inc., Smith Systems Transportation Inc., and Advanced Environmental Options Inc. Under the permits, the five companies are not limited as to where they can pick up or dispose of Ebola-related waste.

To ensure California hospitals are able to ship Ebola waste for disposal, state officials are also looking into the issue of many waste sites throughout the U.S. not accepting untreated — and in some cases treated —  Ebola waste. An article in the Oct. 21 CHA News included a copy of the Interim CDPH Medical Waste Management Program Guidance for Ebola Waste. The guidance has now been issued as an All Facilities Letter, attached.

Human waste is regulated by local publicly owned treatment works (POTWs). In developing a plan for the disposal of human waste from an Ebola patient, hospitals should check with their POTW for guidance on what is acceptable.