CHA News Article

Seismic Safety Regulatory Updates Proposed for Building Code

The Hospital Building Safety Board Subcommittee on Structural and Non-Structural Regulations met on Jan. 31 to discuss proposed changes to the 2019 California Building Code, effective Jan. 1, 2020. The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) presented proposed revisions to the Non-Structural Performance Category (NPC) requirements effective in 2030, which would essentially adjust the NPC-4 requirements for 2030 to NPC-3. OSHPD also proposed revisiting the specific requirements for NPC-3. The CHA/OSHPD work group will meet Feb. 13 to review the changes. 

The subcommittee will meet again on Feb. 22 and March 6 before submitting the proposal to the board for adoption.

The subcommittee also heard presentations on:

  • The definition of movable versus restrained equipment
  • Reorganization of risk categories to simplify building classifications
  • Flexibility in structural analysis approaches for foundations and building with irregular seismic force resisting system layout
  • Miscellaneous adjustments of requirements for bracing of ceilings and mechanical distribution systems
  • Potential alternate procedures to complete Specia Seismic Certification of equipment
  • Clarification of requirements for special inspection of shop fabricated assemblies
  • Refinement of the definitions of OSHPD 1, OSHPD 2 and new OSHPD 5 building categories

Meeting materials are available online.