CHA News Article

San Diego Hospitals, Regional Association Watch Migrant Shelters in Tijuana
Potential to impact hospitals throughout the state

The Hospital Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties is staying closely connected to local hospitals and public services as the area waits for a potential influx of Central American migrants currently encamped in Tijuana, Mexico.

Nearly 6,000 individuals from Central America currently reside in a Tijuana sports complex, hoping to apply for asylum in the U.S. However, with already long waiting lists at the port of entry and immigration officials’ limited capacity to process asylum seekers, the sheltering migrants will likely have to wait weeks — or even months — for their chance to cross the border. In the meantime, their living conditions have drawn the attention of Mexican and U.S. public health officials watchful of disease outbreaks.

Those who eventually gain entry into the U.S. won’t necessarily remain in the San Diego area, so hospitals throughout the state should be aware of potential public health issues that might emerge for the migrant caravan population. CHA and the Regional Associations will keep members abreast of ongoing developments and information provided by public health and other local entities as it becomes available.