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Republican ACA Repeal Plan Leaked
Individual mandate, subsidies and taxes under consideration for repeal

Early on Friday, the attached draft of the House Republican’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was leaked. The plan would:

  • Repeal portions of the ACA, including the individual mandate, subsidies and all of the law’s taxes. 
  • Eliminate state funding for Medicaid expansion.
  • Shift Medicaid funding to a limited payment per enrollee.
  • Provide states access to grants to create high risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions and/or high health expenses.
  • Expand the use of health savings accounts.
  • Establish tax credits in 2020 for those who do not receive employer-sponsored health insurance. The tax credits would be based on age rather than income, starting at $2,000 for those under 30 years old and rising to $4,000 for those over 60.

While the draft is dated Feb. 10, it is the first legislative text that closely tracks the outline released to GOP lawmakers on Feb. 16. It is likely that changes have already been made to the legislative draft; more changes can be expected as the House Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce committees deliberate and the Congressional Budget Office prepares to release an official financial and coverage score. 

CHA is continuously monitoring developments and meeting with members of the California congressional delegation. Hospital members are encouraged to reach out to their elected representatives in support of maintaining meaningful coverage. Talking points, a draft letter, CHA’s Advocacy Alerts and other materials are available on CHA’s ACA Repeal/Replace resources web page.