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Report Shows Medicaid Can Help Mothers, Babies Affected by Opioid Crisis

New research indicates that the Medicaid program can play a key role in helping mothers and babies affected by the opioid crisis. According to a new report from Health Affairs, Medicaid covers roughly half of all births — and more than 80 percent of babies born with neonatal opioid withdrawal. The report identifies opportunities for further research, including evaluation of the causes of opioid use in pregnant and postpartum women as well as the evidence-based interventions designed to reduce that use. The report also identifies policy opportunities specific to pregnant and postpartum women, including: 

  • Replacing criminal penalties, prosecution and incarceration with opioid treatment programs
  • Streamlining Medicaid enrollment processes to facilitate expedited access to routine prenatal care
  • Expanding workforce development to increase the number of clinicians trained to prescribe and provide medication assisted treatment, including nurse-midwives