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Report Poses Key Questions for Considering Single-Payer System in California

A new report from the California Health Care Foundation identifies key questions and issues related to establishing a single-payer health care system in California. The report does not address specific legislation or proposals, but instead seeks to establish a baseline understanding of a single-payer system. The report first sets forth a common definition of “single payer” as a centralized, publicly organized means to collect, pool and distribute money to pay for the delivery of health care services for all members of a defined population. Then, the report addresses key questions about how such a system would impact the state, including:

  • What problems is a single-payer system being designed to solve?
  • What money is available to support a single-payer system in California?
  • How would a single-payer entity arrange to purchase health care services?
  • How would payments to providers of health care services be set and structured?
  • What would be the conditions of provider participation?
  • Who would be eligible to use the system?
  • What would be the covered benefits and services?
  • How would the system’s governance and administrative structure be designed?