CHA News Article

Report Highlights Importance of Aligning Strategic Workforce Development, Planning

The American Hospital Association’s 2016 Committee on Performance Improvement has issued the attached report to help hospital and health system leaders align the skills and abilities of their organization’s current workforce with anticipated needs as health care continues to change. CHA staff served on the special subcommittee that developed the report, and the CHA Workforce Committee’s recommendations are reflected in the key messages.

The report includes a tool to help initiate strategic workforce conversations, as well as specific recommendations and examples from hospital leaders and experts in the field.

“There is a critical need to elevate the discussion about workforce planning and development so that it becomes part of a comprehensive strategic plan for hospitals and systems and not just an issue to respond to in a crisis situation,” the report notes. “Current employee shortages, an older health care workforce nearing retirement coupled with the aging patient population, the changing health care delivery system, and limited access to behavioral health services all align to make workforce planning an immediate priority.”