CHA News Article

Proposition Numbers Assigned to Rate Regulation, MICRA Ballot Initiatives

The California Secretary of State’s Office on Monday assigned proposition numbers to the six ballot initiatives that will appear before voters on the Nov. 4 general election ballot. Among the measures are Proposition 45, which would grant the state Insurance Commissioner the authority to regulate health plan and insurance company premium rates, and Proposition 46, which would quadruple the non-economic damages cap on California’s successful Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act. CHA strongly opposes both Proposition 45 and Proposition 46. As an active member of both Californians Against Higher Health Care Costs — the campaign committee working to defeat Proposition 45 — and Patients and Providers to Protect Access and Contain Health Care Costs, the coalition opposing Proposition 46, CHA urges all hospitals to oppose Propositions 45 and 46.

Other initiatives that will appear on the November ballot include CHA-supported Proposition 43, the Safe Clean and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act; Proposition 44, establishing the so-called state “rainy day” fund; Proposition 47, which would allow misdemeanor sentences instead of felonies for certain drug possession offenses; and Proposition 48, a referendum to overturn certain Indian gaming compacts.