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President Launches Website Focused on Mental Health Awareness
White House conference applauds five key areas of community commitment

Yesterday, President Obama hosted a National Conference on Mental Health at the White House in an effort to lead a national conversation to increase understanding and awareness about mental health. As part of the initiative, the President launched a new website,, with tools to help people understand the basics of mental health, recognize signs of mental illness, and learn how to talk about mental health and get help. The site also includes a series of videos featuring celebrities and ordinary Americans whose lives have been touched by mental illness.

In addition to announcing the website, yesterday’s event highlighted commitments from private sector and nonprofit organizations in five key areas: 1) launching new efforts to raise public awareness; 2) teaching students and youth about mental health and referring youth to treatment; 3) giving providers the tools they need to screen for mental health problems and raise community awareness; 4) convening experts and civic leaders to identify innovative ways to reduce stigma and improve treatment access at the local level; and 5) initiating conversations with faith-based institutions to help people recognize mental health problems and access treatment. More information about the new national initiative to increase mental health awareness is available at the White House website.