CHA News Article

Preparedness Initiative to Be Launched on Anniversary of 1906 Earthquake

On April 18 — the anniversary of the Great San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906 — the U.S. Geological Society will hold a press conference to announce its HayWired regional and statewide earthquake preparedness initiative. The hypothetical scenario seeks to determine what would happen if a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred on the Hayward fault under Oakland, CaliforniaBy bringing together experts from many disciplines, organizers hope to discover plausible hazards and impacts, such as ground shaking, fault rupture, landslides, liquefaction, damages to the built environment – including damage to water supply and the spread of fires – loss of community and economic impacts.

This hypothetical scenario will also explore information that will be needed and decisions that must be made before and after an earthquake. Overarching themes include improving the communication of earthquake hazard science and engineering for use in decision-making, helping to understand and inform actions to reduce earthquake risks and helping to build community capacity to respond to and recover from earthquakes.

If hospitals receive inquiries about the initiative, CHA encourages them to take the opportunity to acknowledge the seismic compliance progress they have achieved under current state requirements. More information is available in attached flyer.