CHA News Article

Policy Agenda Set for Health Policy Legislative Day

CHA has identified four key issues as the top legislative priorities for Health Policy Legislative Day, CHA’s statewide member advocacy program, March 12–13 in Sacramento. Priorities include preventing proposed state budget payment cuts to hospitals that operate skilled-nursing facilities; modernizing the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act regarding 5150 involuntary patient holds; minimizing patient discharge delays; and developing a new hospital fee for 2014–15. Additional priorities may be identified as new bills are introduced in the Legislature.

“It makes a strong impact when hospital CEOs and executives meet personally with their elected representatives,” said Martin Gallegos, CHA senior vice president/chief legislative advocate. “Legislators need to understand how their votes on health care issues will affect their community, and they want to hear directly from a hospital representative in their district.” 

To facilitate the scheduling of meetings with the Legislature, members are urged to register by Feb. 15. Once hospital executives register for the program, CHA’s advocacy staff will schedule appointments on their behalf. For more information and to register, go to