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Phased Rollout of CURES 2.0 Begins
Transition to new system will be complete by January

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Consumer Affairs have announced in the attached memo that the newest version of the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) will launch today, but that practitioners and health systems have until January 2016 to transition to CURES 2.0. DOJ will roll out CURES 2.0 in phases over the next several months to ensure a smooth transition from the current system. DOJ will identify users who meet security and browser specifications for immediate adoption, but all other users will continue to have access to CURES 1.0.

The upgraded system is only accessible using specific Internet browsers: Internet Explorer version 11 or greater, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Providers and dispensers will be required to use one of the specified browsers by January 2016. Questions about CURES or the system updates can be directed to