CHA News Article

Petition Campaign Urges Candidates to Prioritize Behavioral Health

CHA and Our Health California (OHC) — a digital community of nearly 1 million supporters — have launched an advocacy petition in support of Behavioral Health Action. The petition urges the 330 California candidates in the upcoming Nov. 6 election to spotlight behavioral health issues and provide a written/video response for the Behavioral Health Action website. With a goal of 12,000 signatures representing every legislative and congressional district in the state, CHA encourages hospital staff to both sign the petition and share it widely with others.

Co-founded by CHA earlier this year, Behavioral Health Action is a coalition of more than 50 organizations working to raise awareness about the importance of addressing behavioral health issues statewide.

The petition is part of a three-pronged OHC advocacy strategy to support Behavioral Health Action’s objectives between now and Election Day. In September, OHC published two animated videos with key facts about the behavioral health crisis. Between mid-October and Nov. 6, OHC will promote a “get out the vote” campaign urging its community and others to vote for candidates who have clearly prioritized health care issues, including behavioral health.

CHA launched OHC in 2014 with the goal of building healthier communities and advancing access to quality health care. The program has received six national awards for its social media and advocacy campaigns.