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Partnership Approach Helps Hospitals Educate Patients During Open Enrollment
Third strategy in weekly series highlights Covered California outreach for 2018

CHA has launched a weekly series of strategies to help hospitals enroll patients in coverage through the Covered California marketplace and the Medi-Cal program. This week’s strategy is intended to help hospitals determine how to approach and communicate with patients to best educate them about the eligibility and enrollment process. The strategy explains that developing a partnership-like relationship with patients creates trust and engages them in a conversation about their health coverage options.

For the current open enrollment period, Covered California is undertaking an extensive marketing, education and outreach campaign to inform patients about their coverage options and has budgeted $111 million for the upcoming 2018 coverage year. In addition, shopping and enrolling in coverage are easier than ever this year due to upgrades to the online experience:

  • For the first time, Covered California’s website is mobile friendly, enabling consumers to shop, find local help, enroll and manage their account on a cell phone or tablet.
  • A new provider directory allows consumers to see which doctors and hospitals are available in which plans.
  • The application for health coverage has been simplified for easier navigation.
  • Upgrades to the website make it easier for consumers to find resources and in-language phone support in 12 languages on the home page and under a new “Contact Us” page.

The complete strategy series, as it is published, will also be available at CHA’s dedicated web page.