CHA News Article

Partnering With Stakeholders Vital to Successful Enrollment Strategies
Series conclusion focuses on building relationships to increase enrollment

CHA has launched a weekly series of strategies to help hospitals enroll patients in coverage through the Covered California marketplace and the Medi-Cal program. This week’s two-part installment concludes the series by addressing partnerships with key stakeholders and service vendors.

Strategy 6 emphasizes community partnerships hospitals should build for enrollment outreach, including those with health care organizations, physicians and other providers, state and county agencies, and community sites such as schools and places of worship. The strategy also shares information on developing a partnership with Covered California, including a toolkit of ready-to-use information that can be shared with patients and local communities.

Strategy 7 focuses on building partnerships with service vendors.  In these partnerships, hospitals commonly assess organizational eligibility and enrollment functions and compare them to vendor capabilities. With the broad range of available programs and enrollment requirements, offering assistance for all types of applications and ensuring their timely comple­tion can be challenging. For many hospitals, a collaborative approach with vendors has proven critical to complementing outreach and enrollment strategies. Particularly important are selection of the company, alignment of goals, staffing times and locations, and effectiveness of patient referrals to the vendor.

Each enrollment strategy in the series is available at CHA’s dedicated web page.