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New Workforce Role Uses Community Caregivers

As profiled in a recent report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, hospitals and primary-care clinics are now creating new policies that support the development and expansion of the health care workforce by leveraging community members with experience as caregivers. Known as “Grand-Aides,” these new members of the health care team complete rigorous training and certification before performing a variety of tasks to streamline and reduce costs while assisting health care teams in providing appropriate care to patients.

Although their work varies depending on the setting (primary care or transitional care after discharge), Grand-Aides typically have face-to-face interactions and/or telephone conversations with patients, focusing on needs assessment, preventive care and self-care education, ongoing monitoring and follow-up. In two pilot sites, Grand-Aides reduced unnecessary physician visits and demonstrated the potential to generate significant cost savings. This new health workforce role is being tested in California, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Texas. For more information, go to