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New Survey Shows No Jobs for 43 Percent of State’s Newly Licensed Nurses

According to a fall 2011 survey by the California Institute for Nursing & Health Care (CINHC), 43 percent of California newly licensed registered nurses (RN) said they had not landed their first job. The survey, conducted in collaboration with the California Board of Registered Nursing, California Student Nurses Association, Association of California Nurse Leaders and the UCLA School of Nursing, was sent to 7,890 nurses out of 15,780 who were licensed in California between April 2010 and August 2011.

Responses were received from 1,495 nurses. According to respondents, 92 percent said lack of experience was the main reason cited for not getting a job; 54 percent said that no positions were available; 42 percent said a BSN degree was preferred by the employer; and 6 percent said they were told they had been out of school too long. Thirty-one percent of working RNs reported it took six months or more to find a job; 40 percent found a job in under three months; 77 percent of employed newly licensed nurses were working full time; and among new grads without RN jobs, 25 percent were either volunteering in a health care service or working as non-RNs in a health care setting. “This survey was a snapshot of the hiring dilemma new RN graduates face in California,” said CINHC Executive Director Deloras Jones. “Its findings present a compelling case for nurse leaders to seek creative ways to employ new grads.”