CHA News Article

New SB 631 Amendments Would Impede Hospitals’ Ability to Offer Observation Services
CHA is drafting opposition language

Amendments published today to SB 631 (Beall, D-San Jose), sponsored by the California Nurses Association, would create new requirements for hospitals related to the utilization of observation and ambulatory care beds. The bill’s sponsor is concerned that, with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, hospitals are inappropriately using observation and ambulatory care status and endangering patients. The new amendments insert statutory language changing what was formerly a spot bill containing only intent language to add sweeping changes to and new requirements for observation patients, observation units, and nurse-patient ratios for outpatient clinics doing any procedures using more than local anesthesia. CHA has been closely following this bill and, with the addition of today’s amendments, needs member input and assistance to oppose the bill. CHA is currently drafting opposition language and will notify members as soon as it is available.