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New Medical Group Report Card Features Cost and Quality Ratings

California’s Office of the Patient Advocate (OPA) this week released its annual Medical Group Report Card, adding newly available cost information for the first time to the existing quality information for more than 150 medical groups caring for 9 million commercially insured Californians. With the addition of the new cost information, consumers and purchasers can now compare quality and cost information side by side. The result of a partnership between OPA and the nonprofit Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA), the Medical Group Report Card contains clinical measures for breast and colorectal cancer screenings, eye exams and blood sugar control for patients with diabetes, managing osteoporosis in women with a previous fracture and appropriate medication management, among others.

The report card’s four-star rating system measures each medical group’s performance in 2014 on providing recommended clinical care, patient experience, and average payment by patient and health plan for care, enabling consumers to select a medical group based on higher quality of care and lower costs. OPA’s press release about the report card is attached.