CHA News Article

New Federal Standards for Medical Diagnostic Equipment Released
Now under consideration by California Access Program

This month, the federal Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board issued the attached final rule updating standards for medical diagnostic equipment. The new standards — which would impact examination tables and chairs, weight scales, mammography and other imaging equipment — would allow independent entry to, use of and exit from the equipment by individuals with disabilities, to the maximum extent possible. The federal standards do not impose requirements on health care providers or medical device manufacturers. However, access enforcement authorities, such as the California Division of the State Architect Access Compliance Program, may issue regulations or adopt policies that would require health care providers to acquire accessible medical diagnostic equipment that complies with these standards.

Any standards adopted by the California Division of the State Architect, Access Compliance Program would be incorporated into the California Building Standards Code. California health care providers that purchase diagnostic equipment from reliable vendors and install equipment to the current California Building Standards Code will be in compliance with the standards adopted in California. Prior to purchasing and installing any used diagnostic equipment, health care providers should ensure it is compliant with the California access standards currently in place.

CHA will meet with representatives from the California Access Program to discuss additional access standards for diagnostic equipment that may be proposed for the next code cycle. CHA will also encourage the Access Compliance Program to work with the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development when developing new standards that will appear in future updates of the California Building Standards Code. CHA will keep member hospitals updated on proposed changes or additions to the diagnostic equipment access standards via CHA News.