CHA News Article

New CHOW Reporting Requirements Released by DHCS
QAF participation at risk if reporting not completed by Sept. 30

In May, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) released a provider bulletin outlining the new reporting requirements for hospitals that have undergone or will undergo a change of ownership (CHOW). The reporting requirements apply to any hospital that participates in the quality assurance fee (QAF) program and has undergone a CHOW since 2009, as well as all hospitals that change ownership in the future. To continue receiving QAF payments, hospitals must satisfy the new reporting requirements by Sept. 30. Specifically, if a hospital is using the days data source from a prior owner to receive QAF payments, it must submit a new financial responsibility agreement to DHCS. The provider bulletin also outlines how a hospital can be classified as a “new hospital” after a CHOW, transitioning out of participation in the QAF.