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New CHCF Report Assesses Mental Health Care in California

The California Healthcare Foundation (CHCF) has published a report covering mental health care in the state, including disease prevalence, suicide rates, care delivery, supply and the use of treatment providers, and access to care. According to the report, Mental Health Care in California: Painting a Picture, many Californians are not receiving the mental health care they need.

The report finds that one in six adults has a mental health need, one in 20 adults has a serious mental health illness, and one in 13 children suffers from a mental illness that limits daily activity. A key finding is that approximately half of adults and two-thirds of adolescents with mental health needs did not receive treatment. Accompanying the report on CHCF’s website is an interactive graphic displaying the rates of mental illness and availability of treatment providers in the state.

The report is the most recent addition to CHCF’s California Health Care Almanac, an online clearinghouse for data and analysis examining the state’s health care system. For the full report and related graphic, visit