CHA News Article

New CHA Video Highlights Food Insecurity as a Social Determinant of Health

CHA has produced a short video to introduce food insecurity as a growing social determinant of health. The two-minute video showcases a collaboration between Sharp HealthCare in San Diego and the San Diego Food Bank to make a difference in their community by keeping people healthy.

With increasing awareness that social determinants of health affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes, hospitals have developed a variety of outreach and care programs in their communities. The new educational video highlights that, in San Diego, one in six people lacks enough nutritious food for a healthy lifestyle.

To address the problem, Sharp HealthCare began asking its most vulnerable patients if they had food at home, and then provided resources – through a partnership with the food bank — for those in need.

To ensure elected officials understand the extent of the problem, CHA has begun promoting the video to California lawmakers using its social media channels, and will use other media to target San Diego County congressional representatives and legislators.