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New CHA Publication Clarifies Record-Retention Requirements
Record and Data Retention Schedule now available

Health care providers, particularly hospitals, are among the most heavily regulated entities in the U.S. To show that legally required standards are being met, each health care facility department must keep records. Storing records is costly, yet disposing of them prematurely raises legal concerns.

“The government doesn’t always specify precisely what records are to be maintained and for how long,” stated Lois Richardson, CHA vice president, legal publications and education. “Health care providers must base their decisions upon a firm knowledge of legal requirements and policy considerations.”

To help hospitals understand which records should be kept and for how long, CHA has released a new edition of the Record and Data Retention Schedule (previously known as the Records Retention Guide). This helpful publication presents both legal and practical considerations for determining record-retention policies. Tables summarize statutory and regulatory retention requirements by document type, and also provide retention recommendations where no law exists. 

The Record and Data Retention Schedule also is available for purchase on CD separately or with the manual. To learn more, visit