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National Quality Forum Endorses HBIPS-1 and Other Measures

The National Quality Forum (NQF) has announced its endorsement of 20 behavioral health quality measures, including newly approved Hospital-Based Inpatient Psychiatric Services (HBIPS) 1, admission screening. Some of the endorsed measures are also part of The Joint Commission’s HBIPS core measure set. Others include those that have been endorsed for at least three years and are now undergoing re-review based on the continually updated base of evidence – such as HBIPS 2 (hours of physical restraint use); HBIPS 3 (hours of seclusion use); HBIPS 5 (patients discharged on multiple antipsychotic medications with appropriate justification); HBIPS 6 (post-discharge continuing care plan created); and HBIPS 7 (post-discharge continuing care plan transmitted to next level of care provider upon discharge). For more information about the endorsed measures, see NQF’s press release.