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National Provider Webinar for IPFQR Program Scheduled for Thursday
Two new resources also available for IPFQR participants

The next national provider webinar for participants in the inpatient psychiatric facility quality reporting (IPFQR) program is scheduled for Nov. 20 from 11 a.m. – noon (PT). The webinar will provide analysis of measure data, trends and patterns. Slides can be downloaded the day before the presentation, and registration is available at See the attached flyer for more information.

In addition, two new tools (attached) are now available to assist IPFQR program participants: 1) a data collection and submission timeline for fiscal years (FY) 2016 and 2017, and 2) an overview of FY 2016 and 2017 measures, including reporting period, submission period, type, sampling information and public display date.