CHA News Article

MAP Releases Draft Quality Measure Recommendations
Comments due Jan. 28

The Measure Application Partnership (MAP) has released its draft pre-rulemaking recommendations on performance measures under consideration for federal quality reporting and payment programs. MAP reviewed more than 500 measures submitted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for twenty federal programs that reimburse providers, including clinicians, hospitals and post-acute care facilities. In its draft report, MAP supports the immediate application of 141 measures for federal programs and the phased removal of 64 measures currently in use. After careful review, MAP voted not to support 165 measures under consideration and supported the direction, further development and testing of 166 additional measures. CHA participated in the MAP process and will prepare comments that are due Jan. 28. The comment period is open to the public, but comments can be submitted only by registered users of the National Quality Forum’s (NQF) website. As required by ACA, MAP must release its final report to HHS by Feb. 1.