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Manual Helps Hospitals Develop Record Retention Policies and Schedule
Record and Data Retention Schedule now available

A new edition of CHA’s Record and Data Retention Schedule discusses why hospitals and other health care providers should have a record retention policy and the pertinent factors that should be considered when determining how long to keep various documents.

“A thorough record retention policy is a critical element of an effective compliance plan,” stated Lois Richardson, CHA vice president, legal publications and education. “Without a written policy, a provider may retain records longer than necessary, which is costly and inefficient, or dispose of records too soon, resulting in the inability to access important documents when needed and possibly fines or penalties.”

The Record and Data Retention Schedule was written for all department managers responsible for the storage and purging of records to help them develop an efficient record retention schedule. Tables detail legal retention requirements by document type, and also provide retention recommendations where no law exists. A discussion of retention considerations as they pertain to various types of records is also included.

The Record and Data Retention Schedule is available in print form and on CD. For more information, visit