CHA News Article

Labor Commissioner Amends Paid Sick Leave FAQs

The California Labor Commissioner has amended the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement’s (DLSE) frequently asked questions about California paid sick leave to incorporate changes that went into effect July 13. California’s paid sick leave law was effective Jan. 1, and the Labor Commissioner posted frequently asked questions at that time. Since then, legislative amendments intended to clarify the law — and that in some cases changed it — went into effect July 13. The DLSE has now updated the original FAQs to reflect these new requirements. The new document also attempts to clarify previous responses to questions received from members of the public. Unfortunately, it appears that some of the responses are not consistent with the law and many issues hospitals face have not been addressed.

CHA has submitted to the Labor Commissioner hospitals’ questions about implementation of the paid sick leave law and has requested a meeting to discuss the complexities. The Labor Commissioner recently informed CHA that she is working on a response to that letter, and it should be available shortly. CHA will share any developments as soon as they occur.